Milestone Photography

mile·​stone (NOUN )

Why Milestone Photography? Well, the first year of your baby’s life passes by in a whirlwind. You get home from the hospital with a tiny newborn, and the next thing you know they’re already tearing up and down the stairs! It feels like if you blink, you could miss it entirely.

Tummy Time

Milestone Sessions are held in studio, with the goal of capturing all the important moments that you’ll want to remember later. Typically, these can start when your baby is about 3 months old (or once they can hold their head up on their own), so we can capture your little one during tummy time.

Sitter Sessions

Other popular ages for these sessions are at 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months; these are typically the times when your baby will start sitting, then crawling, and finally walking! Around the 4-6 month mark, babies are also beginning to experience the full range of human emotion, making this a wonderful age for baby photos. Your little one will probably be starting to interact with other people for the first time – and I’m not afraid to do whatever it takes to get them to laugh!

Milestone Photography Session with twin boys. They are laying on their backs on a fluffy rug and looking up at the camera

Milestone Photography


The Basic
$225 + GST

  • 20 Minute Studio Session
  • One Backdrop
  • 2 Outfits
  • 8 Digital Images (Client’s Choice)

The Signature
$300 + GST

  • 45 Minute Studio Session
  • Two Backdrops
  • 3 Outfits
  • 20 Digital Images (Client’s Choice)
All Collections Also Include:
  • Client Closet (Dresses, diaper covers, rompers, bowties, suspenders, etc.)
  • Online Proofing Gallery
  • Online Final Downloadable Gallery

Milestone Photography: Not Just for Babies

While Milestone Sessions are popular for babies under a year old, older children are more than welcome. No matter what stage your little one is at, you both deserve to create lasting memories that you can look back on fondly for years to come. You know what they say – there’s no time like the present!

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